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As you may have noticed, after meandering along at a steady rate of visitors over the last year or so, this blog has taken off since the StS imploded and their web site became as fast as an advancing glacier. That aside, this blog will be taking a new direction early this year, to encompass the whole “built environment’ of Dunedin, and the social and political implications of the wider town planning issues facing this city.

What I’ll effectively be doing is handing over the absolute power (maniacal evil villain laughter) I currently wield to guest or co-authors, on a broad topic of their choosing – Town Planning, Historical, Design, Architectural, Road planning etc. Their views I may not necessarily agree with, but then that’s democracy, and since this forum has gathered nice momentum, it would be a massive shame to let the networks we’ve developed (friend and foe) to dissipate. If anyone has visited Public Address, the previous old site of Auckland blogger Russell Brown, you’ll have a feel for what I am aiming for. It’s now a place where a core of contributors add to the whole site. And let’s face it, unless there is a mass shooting or a student riot, the Auckland media don’t give a toss what’s happening down here, but we should be.

So while looking for a scholarly angle, I don’t want this to become a place for purely academic endeavour, as there are way too many people outside of the Uni who have so much to offer. There may even be mysterious contributors “Fake Peter Chin”? Another excellent example is, in which a variety of contributors on so many issues make an excellent read.

So keep coming back, if you haven’t said boo yet (I know the stats, there are some very silent visitors), by all means say hi, put your two cents worth in, and I look forward to presenting a new version of this site in the near future. Who knows we may even be able to sort out the pot holes in our streets.

In the mean time, check out the reading list, I’ll be adding every day, and if you’ve got some to add, I’ve left comments open on that page. Cheers all and BTW Happy New Year.

Also, what should we call it? I’m angling for The Social and Built Environment of Dunedin, but an very open to suggestions (i’ll run a poll on the most favoured suggestions). Finally, who do you want to see contributing to this place (yes sorry guys I’ll still be posting). You all know way more people here than I do, who would be a fantastic read, who knows stuff about this city, and stuff about stuff.


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