The campaign of lies seems to be working…

So the early results of the stadium survey by two university lecturers opposed to the stadium seem to indicate that the relentless campaign of lies and disinformation by the Stop The Stadium is working.

We’ve heard everything from global warming, ridiculous opportunity costs, university creep, terrorism, bullshit claims of singularity of use, you name it, if it was negative against the stadium it was seemingly valid fodder.

So much of this campaign hasn’t been about the future of Dunedin and the direction that this city should be heading (as should really have been the case), but lies and disinformation about anything and everything that isn’t true or relevant about the development.

You know the only people that will prosper out of this development if it is stopped by spineless Councillors will be the land owners and developers to date. The city will loose and the people will miss out on some of the most marvellous sporting and entertainment opportunities presented to NZ over the next few years.

It doesn’t surprise me at all the survey has gone this way, with the letter a day campaign to the newspaper (sometime printed for god only knows) spreading the lies about the stadium. It’s the classic man in the pub syndrome, of course 90% of the bullshit regurgitated by stadium opponents isn’t true, but repeat it enough without correction and any lie can be believe as true (just ask G W Bush how to run such a campaign). Obviously these people have been studying the methods of that mad man, because any reasoned debate has flown out the window. I mean just last week the letter to the editor complaining about so called University Creep and university not paying rates taking over industrial land. Well open your bloody eyes you insanely stupid trout, the university contributes ONE BILLION DOLLARS to the economy of Dunedin, and considering the manufacturing base of Dunedin is relocating or downscaling at the moment, we need to foster the single largest industry in the cities history. All just smoke screen, bullshit lies and disinformation.

The people of Dunedin do not deserve this place some times and this is a classic case of it.

For pities sake Dunedin don’t let the bloody CAVES win, nobody wins if they do – you all loose.



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4 responses to “The campaign of lies seems to be working…

  1. Peter Entwisle

    Come on Paul, au contraire, your attempt to show the stadium as a credible idea for regenerating Dunedin has been shown to be seriously lacking.

    If anyone has a bright idea for overcoming Dunedin’s relative decline, please let me know. This isn’t it.

  2. Paul J

    And heres a hint of the proof in the pudding to us ‘conspiracy theorists’ and all else derogatory we’ve been called, what they didn’t want us to see!,20797,25405779-952,00.html


  3. Paul J

    Thanks Liz. Shall take a look.

    “just ask G W Bush how to run such a campaign”
    The myopic radical piledriving style of GW Bush simile firmly belongs on the side of those pushing the stadium, and no, I’m not a CAVE, just believe in sensible projects that ENHANCE the town, less the cost of the radically expensive mediocre box for rugby (we’ve seen little proof of anything else, just spin) replacing one that isn’t broken whole starving many many other creative, projects in this city, one that’s make the place happen. This will be a legacy to conservatism at a not so conservative cost or sacrifice.

    User pays when it comes to this, and the attempted comparison with core things like the library, art gallery etc (which cost a small amount compared anyway) is absurd. So radical, it appears, are the stadium pushers that we should ditch the library and buses (what little public transport we do have compared to other main centres), the stadium seems to be more important than that – in their eyes. A partly third world city, but no worries when you have a stadium for redneck beer swillers who boorishly shout “Otaaaagooooo”, or “(insert opposing team’s name) take it up the ass, do dah, do dah” as I remember rugby heads imbecilely hollering one time after a locally held Bledisloe Cup.
    If that’s not cultism… but it doesn’t surprise me, some’s obsession with rugby.

    Concerts, ok, right. LRB, 1990, filled the town hall. Hot Chocolate, 2000, mostly filled the Regent. Proclaimers, played at the Uni union hall. Recently, home grown Split Enz, they didn’t even come on their nationwide tour, it wasn’t worth it. Most other places they played at were outdoor, so had it been viable, they would have come to the Brook. So if you really think we are going to get perhaps one concert a month, by likes of Phil Collins, Simply Red and so on, dream on. We are waiting to hear that the King, after a mystery appearance from Countdown, has heard about the Awatea St edifice and is bristling to play, or Abba is getting ready to reform and jump on a Boeing for Dunedin, upon completion. Oh yes, of course, I’m sure the pope will be popping in to bless the place and all. Maybe HM the Queen will come and hold her Royal Garden Party here too…

    So the uni brings in money, yes, true, so building a stadium for that makes a diff? Since when was PE or rugby one of the main subjects they come here for? How many much less obscure things should we be building for them?

    Anyway, the link showing the biz with the loss making QLD stadiums says it all, and this is talking about a high visitation area with a population base that equates to the entire population of NZ, not 120,000. I’m sure that other spectators and interests of the place are equally catered for as well (like they have theme parks, heritage parks, so on too), good transport infrastructure, while here all eggs go into one futile basket, stuff everyone else, especially heritage that we are renowned for, being the attitude. No wonder people are up in arms at an unprecedented level.

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