NZ may bid for 2015 women's soccer World Cup

From the NZ Herald

The first moves in New Zealand’s bid to host Fifa’s 2015 Women’s World Cup could come as early as next month.

New Zealand Football chief executive Michael Glading said “future strategy” was on the agenda for next month’s board meeting. The idea of considering such a bid had, he admitted yesterday, gained momentum in light of the success of the Under-17 Women’s World Cup.

At a pre-under-17 tournament interview when asked whether a successful age group tournament here could lead to “bigger and better” with the 2015 Cup an obvious target, Fifa secretary-general Jerome Valcke said he could see no reason why not.

Asked yesterday whether such a bid was now likely to receive favourable support from Fifa, their head of competitions Oliver Vogt said simply, “Very much. New Zealand has put on a great tournament.

“We did not know what to expect [in terms of support] but we hoped we would double the number of people who attended the Under-20 Women’s World Cup in Russia two years ago. In the end we had four times as many – up from 52,000 to 212,000.”

Vogt said that as far as he was aware, this was the first Fifa age group tournament at which all matches were televised live. This is seen as a huge plus.

“There is no doubt in my mind New Zealand can host a men’s under-20 World Cup or the senior women’s World Cup,” said Vogt.

“I think you have shown you are capable of delivering what Fifa requires.

“I think they have a very good chance [for 2015]. Everyone I have spoken to would love to come back.

“They definitely have the infrastructure and stadiums.”

Vogt said the decision on hosting rights for 2015 could be made by the Fifa executive shortly after the 2011 Women’s World Cup in Germany.

“Earlier competitions have been played in the United States and China. Why not New Zealand in 2015? It is definitely the chance to take a major competition to the Oceania Football Confederation.”

Of course our new stadium will play an important role in this tournament. While over 220,000 people watched the U17 Women’s World Cup, a fantastic effort, the big time will be a whole different story. FIFA were so impressed with our hosting of the inaugural U17 Women’s World Cup that they have given NZ the nod to bid for hosting the tournament after Germany in 2011. Not to mention FIFA have also indicated that they would be comfortable with NZ bidding for the 4th biggest sports tournament in the world behind the World Cup, Olympics, RWC and SuperBowl, the U20 Mens World Cup (also in 2015). This is traditionally hosted outside of the main areas, Australia has hosted the tournament twice while it was a smaller format.

So 4 years after RWC which is expected to bring billion of dollars of revenue to NZ and hundreds of thousands of visitors the stakes will more or less be raised for both Jr versions of the Football World Cup with the prospect of hosting theme here in NZ.

This continued development of the world’s sporting codes only confirms to me that if Dunedin want’s to play any part in those competitions (and not miss out as Greymouth and Marton will), then the new stadium, along with revamped new Eden Park, revamped new Lancaster Park and of course the Cake Tin, will play an important part.



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4 responses to “NZ may bid for 2015 women's soccer World Cup

  1. Peter

    It would be marvellous for Dunedin to be part of such an event, particularly given the city missed out on the current under 17 FIFA tournament to Hamilton because the northern city had a better stadium. The biennial winter games proposed for Otago might also utilise the Otago Stadium. The possibilities for use beyond rugby are endless …

  2. Thanks for stopping by, I agree the FIFA U20 womens world cup would be fantastic, if the recent tournament was anything to go by.

    However, don’t use the term ” possibilities for use beyond rugby are endless …” so lightly around the StS they’ll accuse you of being positive (apparently a bad thing) and only try to tell you it’s a single use rugby stadium.

    I was almost blown off my feet when I heard the biennial winter games was coming to Otago. The people of NZ have no idea really how massive Winter games are, and as soon as they cotton on they too will be blown away. The potential from that alone is astonishing and much kudos must go to the organisers. My Canadian buddies (I’ve lived in Vancouver 3 times now) literally can’t believe what we have secured with those games, it’s huge. But again don’t tell the stadium opponents that, they’ll say it has nothing to do with us. Well it doesn’t if we sit on our home spun asses and do nothing with it.

  3. Peter

    Sadly I can’t tell the STS since they’ve blocked all comments on their website … the cadres are busy.

  4. Peter, I’m guessing it’s because someone has been posting less than jovial messages on their site (and they’ve banned me once already for posting too much!) and the new web admin is finding it difficult to keep up with. There’s been a split within the StS over the last week, and I think Anne who also ran the site is one of the other casualties (although I could be wrong). It’s a real shame, because they were bloody easy to wind up, remind them of their lies and disinformation and they get all uppity.

    Still after today’s article in the paper (and my most recent post) it’s probably a good thing they closed off comments (pre-emptive perhaps?) because I’d be having a field day over there with that rubbish, terrorists indeed.

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