if, and I want to write this in letters several hundred feet high, just to prove how bloody big an IF this is – IF terrorists were to even know that New Zealand was on the map, IF they decided that we’ve pissed someone off to be on the side of their enemies, IF there was a sports event at the new stadium, IF those said terrorists put 1+1 together and come up with Kaboom, if those terrorists were able to plan something this audacious, IF that plan was to slip under the radar of international authorities (we’re not talking some road side opportunist Baghdad bombing), if they were somehow able to get to the UNDERGROUND storage facilities and if the safety mechanisms of those oil and gas facilities was to fail because of said terrorists, then bugger me that’s bad luck.

This isn’t some fantasy of a 12 year old school boy with war and guns on his brain, this is one of the serious scenarios proposed in it’s formal submission to the planning process looking into changing the cities plan to allow for the new stadium development. And they’re proud of it. Sweet Jesus I’m glad I couldn’t make it to the hearings yesterday to hear that shite, I think I would have been either laughing so hard or jeering so loud that either way I would have been thrown out.


Take a good hard look at this lot. Yes it’s getting personal now. These are the people that want to stop something that is going to be so good for so many people. Look long and hard at those faces and think to yourself, yeah, this is the way forward Dunedin, hiding from Terrorists!

“Conceivably, the lpg and petroleum storage facilities could be the target of some disturbed religious or political fanatic; their actions appear to have no boundaries and are able to reach all corners of the globe” said Brian Miller (on the left), for stadium opposition group Stop the Stadium. Cuckoo!

But wait it get’s better. The old git sits in his glasshouse during a rain storm and thinks to himself, there’s another point “The “deafening” sound of rain would make hearing whistles during play almost impossible, and students would be unable to hear concerts, resulting in unrest, he said, citing his experience as a horticulturist with greenhouses”.

I can see it now, a screaming loud concert, you can’t hear the person next to you let alone the rain or hail on the roof, but no Brian thinks there’s gonna be a riot by pissed off students “The media would have another field day with reporting another student riot in Dunedin” – cuckoo!

Reasoned reason # 3 from dear old Brian. “University sprawl” was affecting industry and the stadium plan-change should be declined on those grounds”. That’s right the biggest industry in Dunedin, getting Dunedin rich to the tune of some $800m a year shouldn’t be allowed to expand, that would be bad for Dunedin. Imagine businesses buying up other businesses and expanding, such an evil thing to do, what will they think of next – cuckoo!

“Asked about evidence from the council’s experts on some issues he raised – Mr Miller did not attend the hearing to listen to that evidence – he said he either did not believe it, or required more scientific proof.”

That’s right Brian and the StS EXPERT evidence is just so wrong, I mean with all those years in greenhouses in storms, what more EXPERT evidence do you need. Because YOU don’t believe the evidence DO NOT DENY the rest of the sane people of Dunedin the prospect of a modern facility because of your completely insane opinions!

Angry, you bloody bet. I am sick and tired of these insane buggers thinking they have legitimate concerns and that they are guardians of this city. The bloody councillors elected by the people are the guardians of this city, not some buggers who think they know best. This all comes on top of “global warming” causing flooding in the area (unproved and exceedingly unlikely considering the inner harbour is only meant to see increases of MSL of .5-3cm if at all), then global warming flooding South Dunedin (how?) the council should spend money on protecting the poor. How the hell is global warming going to flood South Dunedin, the whole St Kilda and St Clair coast is protected by very high sand dunes.

At first I was sort of apathetic to these buggers, even went along to their first meeting just to see what sort of delusional jovial people would be there. But over the months the LIES and disinformation has just got out of hand, and true to the public’s form, if they are told something over and over again (even if it isn’t true) they start to believe it. Now I’m just angry.

Stop these buggers before they do some serious damage to this city. I mean really if the University wasn’t here, we’d be smaller than Invercargill, but they want to inhibit “University sprawl”.

Sod’s, this isn’t some moral campaign like Bev Butler keeps painting, this is a group of angry, stupid and delusional people really wanting to do some serious damage to this city, and they must be stopped.

Full story here (because of course there is some sensible and reasoned argument going on at these planning hearings).


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6 responses to “Cuckoo

  1. Jody

    Hi Paul,

    I’m am opposed to a rate-payer funded stadium & have supported the STS. However, I too was appalled (and extremely disappointed) at the statements made by the STS, as reported by the ODT, at these hearings.

    The arguments against a rate-payer funded stadium are strong enough without resorting to such ridiculous statements.

  2. Jody,

    I’ve said right from the start if you think that

    a) the city can’t afford it
    b) the people can’t afford it

    then I can’t argue against that and I’ll respect anyone that has that view. It’s subjective but it’s valid.

    If you’re bored enough to look around this site, I’ve tried to counter all of the erroneous arguments, as on the whole they have been at the least silly or at worst pure fantasy.

    I believe that the city can afford it, but that some people will find the extra rates very hard.

  3. Kris

    The risk with outlandish statements like these is that the StS start to look like a bunch of crackpots, with the result being all other (potentially) valid arguments are lumped in with the absurd and not given the weight they (may) deserve.

    Long may these people front the StS cause.

  4. Peter

    With Elizabeth Kerr, Peter Entwisle and company using resource consent specialists, Boulder Planning later this week at the plan change hearing, I’m sure the more analytical side of STS (or former STS) will come to the fore, much as I hate the prospect.

  5. The more reasoned and analytical I am happy to debate, the so called ‘moral’ obligations, people’s glasshouses and cycleways are all irrelevant.

    This is a hearing about a Planning Change not some inquiry into the social fabric of Dunedin.

  6. Kris I agree, their argument’s were starting to make some traction in the community up until this hearing, now I just wish the hearing could go on and on and on, their stuff is gold for the CST, people just won’t want to be associated with this stuff.

    I mean IF by 2090 the sea level has risen the extreme scenario of 0.8m and in 80 odd years we haven’t come up with decent sea defence mechanism, then yes Prof Harris et al can do the ‘told you so’ routine.

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