StS split – a real shame for them

Possibly only one of two that was able to engage in meaningful debate surrounding the stadium, Elizabeth Kerr has resigned from the StS committee.

This from the ODT today (Sat 15 Nov 2008)

Elizabeth Kerr, a former chairwoman of the Otago branch of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, resigned last weekend from the committee of the group opposing the stadium because of the issue.

Approached for comment yesterday, president Bev Butler said Ms Kerr, and another member both women declined to name, had been asked to leave.

Ms Kerr said yesterday she resigned because as a committee member of Stop the Stadium she was concerned the group was not pursuing planning advice early on.

“I truly believe in using professionals.”

A group of seven people, including Stop the Stadium members, had got together to fund the hiring of planner Andrew Henderson, who is listed to give evidence at the hearing on Thursday.

Ms Kerr said she was involved in that initiative.

Elizabeth was always willing to debate the issues at hand, and of course through her experience was able to present reasoned argument in areas of her expertise. An ability to rise above the personal, I hope she continues to post at the site, it was always informed debate.

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