Cr Wilson

Cr Wilson’s letter to the ODT (22 sept) raises concerns that the stadium doesn’t have community backing. This us a valid concern, however her suggestion that if there is a silent majority we should use the phone number she provides and call the CST to book our 10 year package, otherwise excuse her for being brasses off.

What a disingenuous comment from someone who should know better. There is a difference between those wanting a new stadium, rolling up from week to week for matches or attending the odd concert, and having the ability to fork out a large sum of money for a yen year package. And if said packages aren’t snapped up she’ll be angry with you. That is not how I would assume my councilor to behave.

Poor criticism in the least.


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  1. Peter

    I suspect Kate Wilson is playing to her Strath Taieri constituency much like Dave Cull does for the Peninsula landowners. There must be some sizeable landblocks of questionable productivity that would be subject to larger rates hikes through the stadium.

  2. That’s a valid point. Not also forgetting the Admin of the StS web site is also a Middlemarch resident.

    Not sure who Cull is actually playing to. I don’t claim to know all of the people who live on the Peninsula where I live, but every single person I know bar none out here want the stadium built. I’m sure there are some, but I’ve yet to met any.

  3. Peter

    Yes, I need to be careful not to stereotype, e.g. Andrew Noone voted for the stadium but the north coast/Waikouaiti area would be predominantly rural in make up …

    It would be quite interesting, however, to see the demographics for supporters and opponents of the project — how does age, gender, urban/rural location, recent immigrant v established Dunedin family, socio-economic status etc influence how one views the stadium. (Not that I’m encouraging a survey!)

  4. Who can say. The Marketing Dept has offered to do a survey, but as it stands at the moment, it’s not worth anything, the draft is terrible and completely biased. To their credit though they are taking suggestions on the survey draft

    But then surveys are purely a snap shot of the here and now. Cr Michael Deaker was a supporter, isn’t now, but will be again if the CST meet all of the demands placed upon them, so unless 3 surveys were taken at each stage for him, what would a survey now show?

  5. Kate Wilson

    My letter to the ODT on 22 September 2008 was headed when I sent it as Brass Kniockers – a reference to Robin Charteris opinion piece. The final line was in reference to that – as was the letter implicitly – unfortunately it has been published after some delay. In that context it was more a play on words Paul.

    Many of the Strath Taieri and other Dunedin farmers have expressed concerns about the rating method for the Stadium, while others do not mind and do want a Stadium.

    There are some things we need to consider as Councillors that a broader than pandering to a specific constituent base – as soon as we are elected we are Councillors for all of Dunedin.

    Cheers Kate

  6. Thank you for taking the time to clarify that. I was kinda assuming it has something to do with the Charteris article, but then as you say time removed the context of the letter.

    I have no doubt what so ever that there will be a rates cost to people that will be too much for some (just as radically shifting petrol prices have hurt some people). This is my only concern about the project. We will feel the pinch, but then in lieu of not being able to purchase the 10 year supporters package, rates is the other option for us.

    Cheers for dropping by.

  7. Elizabeth

    Didn’t enjoy Cr Wilson’s letter to the editor on Monday – when I said so to this effect this evening on the STS website my comment was deleted by the site administrator.

    I don’t think the letter has great merit for people who want the stadium, those still deciding, or those who don’t – it reads as slippery. We should all be wary of it.

    Cr Wilson often times seems keen to stride a path to the world of positivity based on partnerships between Council and community – it is exactly this that drives the stadium project, surely. But the letter is condescending in the way it is constructed.

    Why would a new City Councillor feel impelled to direct people to Carisbrook Stadium Trust and Carisbrook’s website, satirically or seriously.

    We have to value people who for their own reasons would prefer to stay silent or enjoy a life splendidly bereft of hours to watch local government kick the bucket around on large projects.

  8. Cheers for stopping by Elizabeth, but did Anne delete your post to the StS, really?

    I thought it was a strange letter (even in the light of context as illuminated by Cr Wilson) for a Councillor to be sending in. But when it comes down to it, councillors are people too and we all do strange things.

  9. Elizabeth

    Oh yes, there one moment, gone the next. And a note left to say the deletion was made.

    You’re quite right Paul – we all do. Cheers.

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