Redundancy meets stupidity

M van Zyl I fear has spent too much time reading and unfortunately believing the disinformation surrounding the new Stadium. Her letter to the editor ODT (8/9/08) beautifuly illustrates the old saying that if you repeat something enough people might just belive it. She threw up more red herrings(all of which have been addressed) than a juggling fish monger.

Meanwhile N McLay decided to take the cynical arrogant approach, not forgetting to mention global warming once again.

Seriously, the Georgian-Russian conflict is quite possibly the only reason not used as an excuse for this development to not go ahead.

I understand that the letters to the editor page of any newspaper should be a forum for public concerns to be voiced. However the ironically named “redundant” letter today is well for want if a better term, nothing more than parroting disinformation.

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