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Stadium Survey


John Williams and Ben Wooliscroft from the department of Marketing at the University of Otago have kindly accepted the task of conducting an independent survey of the people of Dunedin, re their views for and against the stadium.

At this stage the survey is in it’s draft form (thankfully) and they are asking for input from interested groups. I have made a detailed submission to them over the survey in it’s current form. To their credit they have acknowledged my concerns and have advised that comments such as mine will be soon on the web site for public discussion.

You can download the PDF of the draft survey from their web page here

In it’s current form, I would suggest that this is anything less than an unbiased survey. There is no way that a survey with leading questions devoid of neutrality would be worth taking note of. Continue reading

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No no don't stop

2 more concerned souls in the ODT today. P Synder is on some conspiracy / take the piss fishing trip about god only knows what. Aren’t people who love in other centers able to comment these days. Could it be they are from Dunedin, still call the place home, plan to return home soon etc, and want to continue to take an active part in the future direction if the city. Seems folk elsewhere have a better view of development than those still living here. Continue reading

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