This takes the cake

I hope you will excuse the pun, but the latest in the continuing saga of ‘a letter a day to the ODT’, we are told that we shouldn’t build a new stadium because there is a virtual (what not real?) obesity epidemic, thus to watch sport instead of playing it is a ‘folly’.

Excuse me while I burn a few calories laughing myself silly. My god people are ontoloerably stupid or what. With all due respect to G R MacDonald there is overwhelming evidence that watching quality sports encourages participation. It was going to QEII stadium with my dad in the mid 70s to watch quality football which gave me the inspiration to take up the game (which has now lasted 35 years).

I’ve been more than tollerant of the ODT publishing all manner of rubbish over the stadium, but this is simply taking the piss. Either the ODT is being exceedingly generous with it’s column space for these folk, or they are playing an astute game of ‘give them enough rope’.

Mind numbingly stupid. What next Noro virus or rising sea levels?

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