A letter a day, doesn't keep the wolves at bay

So the StS has reached a 1000 members, good on them. I hope they fail miserably and allow the other 119,000+ of us to enjoy the stadium.

As you are well aware, the StS (but don’t use the name, they’re all individuals, aren’t they Brian – I’m not) and other nay-sayers have been rather successful at a letter writing campaign to the local rag, the ODT.

To be fair to the ODT (some would say disproportionately fair) they are publishing their rubbish. Todays gem is from K D James demanding answers to his questions. You see some people think they have special rights above others. Many of the answers saught would in any other day or place be kept quiet for commercial sensitivity. For instance how many commercial ventures open their revenue streams up for public debate even before they open fir business? He/she has no right what so ever knowing the names if the 30% of private investors. That flat out is none of his/her business! 3 years out this person had no right demanding the names of sporting codes that will also use the stadium outside of rugby. I could imagine for whatever reason (other contractual agreements etc) that there are some sporting codes that have expresed confidential interest or are playing a watching game.

James makes the absurd assumption that if this information the councils can’t possibly have made informed decisions. What a load of twaddle. This claim does both councils a diservice,and assumes that the public knows best. Please give us all a break. You have sold all rights to commercially sensitive information, and do not be so arrogant to assume that because you don’t have information, that the powers that be also are uninformed.

Let’s hope the ODT exercises their editorial powers soon and limits these letters. They have given them more than a decent run and while some have been funny the likes of this are just comical.

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