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Disinformation a disservice.

Getting the supposed “ten facts” flier in the mailbox today, I thought it only prudent that I now continue this crusade against the StS (which this unwittingly has become).

Readers of this blog will know well that I believe that the StS is running on hyperbole and loose interpretation of so called “facts”. This is well illustrated in an opinion piece on the StS web site by Ian Smith, in which (along with his prejudices) “facts” are painted with a big fat liberal brush known as disinformation.

The tone of the piece seems to be summarised in one of the opening sentences “We have never been there and never intend to do so, but of course are paying for it“. Later it follows “Ultimately, whether we have a Stadium or not, is down to us. Civil disobedience in the form of subtracting from our rates payment that part of them, which is due to the Stadium, is one solution, but it’s ‘dated’, with a ring of the ‘sixties’ (when people still had the gumption to stand and be counted on matters of principle)“. Continue reading


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