Get out of my freaking face!!!

If you are the Anti-Stadium person who didn’t take no for an answer the other day at the Farmers Market, get the message now. Sod Off.

I am pro stadium, and last time l looked this was a freaking democracy and I was allowed to be pro stadium, even if you think it’s going to bankrupt Dunedin. I don’t think it’s going to bankrupt the city, nor do I care that my rates are going up to accommodate it. But boy did you get hot when I flippantly suggested that i’d happily pay twice the amount in rates for a new stadium – it’s my right in a fee democracy to think so. F___ it, there and then, I’d happily pay 10x the rates.

When I go to the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning with my sons (2 and 5) to get some produce then head over the road for a fine coffee, I don’t expected to be shouted at and told that I am wrong. My 5 year old asked “why was that lady angry at you dad” the correct answer should have been because she is a tossing busybody with more time to annoy people than necessary and the lack of decency to acknowledge that others don’t agree with her, but she has the audacity to preach to others. But I replied, because she doesn’t like something I do. To which he replied “does everyone yell at people when they don’t like what you do?” Nice work love, can I bring my boys along next week to subject them to more of the same.

If the anti-stadium people are out on the streets and trying to muster support, great, but if you get someone telling you that they are pro stadium, accept it, because do you really think they are going to have some epiphany about their convictions by being yelled at in that moment, you are so sorely mistaken. You couldn’t handle the simple fact that someone else wasn’t a “yes” person to you. If it was as simple as standing on the streets yelling at people, I’d be in the Octagon tonight trying convert the whole town to supporting Everton – but it ain’t is it, because other people have other opinions and good on them for it.

I can tell you now, that the 4 people whom I didn’t know walking next to me, without knowing me or who I am, might not necessarily be pro stadium, but they sure as hell aren’t anti stadium, for the very fact of the rubbish that you were yelling at me and for having cutzhpah to defend my rights.

Tosser – and you know who you are. There’s a time and a place for debate, and that isn’t it. Besides which if I have told you I’m not interested, and am walking away with my 2 boys, get the freaking message and shut the hell up, don’t continue with the “you’re delusional, it’ll kill Dunedin” assorted frothing – I am walking away (not that I even stopped to engage you), we are done and my boys were startled by your fervour.


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7 responses to “Get out of my freaking face!!!

  1. Peter Entwisle

    Democracy is a two way street Compie. You’re entitled to your views and others are entitled, not only to have different ones, but to express them to you in public. Also your language here is curious in a call for self-restraint.

    “Sod off” is not a democratic option but the clear expression of a very closed mind.

  2. Peter i truly think you live in another world, the point that was being made albiet very passionate and colourful was, screaming at people because they dont agree with you is bad P.R. made worse by the fact that small children were in earshot, maybe you should vet your members before one of them does somthing really stupid and embaresses all of you, as i think this has.
    I think the time and energy you are putting into this will cost you alot more than a rates increase,your health could suffer with all this stress.

  3. Peter Entwisle


    Why do you assume the person Paul is talking about is an StS member? I think you do live in another world from me where jumping to conclusions isn’t even recognised for what it is.

    But if you point these things out sometimes the effect is the other person starts to realise that’s what they are in the habit of doing – and that it has a bearing on the truth of what they believe.

    Hence the effort.

    I certainly agree that it doesn’t usually do much to persuade someone to a different point of view to shout at them. But there are some other things at issue here.

  4. Peter E

    irrespective of the affiliation of that person to the StS, that person was holding a StS placard, had StS badges and stickers and was reciting more or less verbatim, which of course does not mean that person was StS. It does however present a public image of this is how the StS operates.

    Take students. 1 Street has a party in which couches are burnt, the media laps it up and the public popular perception of Otago Scarfies is that they are all drunks and couches are an endangered commodity in Dunedin. (Perhaps on this perception, the DCC should by shares in a furniture maker).

    There are no other issues at hand other than my right to walk down the street with my toddler and not be subject to something I was no party to.

  5. Peter Entwisle

    As observed there is no such legal or moral right. A public street is a public place par excellence. You have to put up with the buskers and religious zealots too. That’s their right.

  6. Peter, do you just browse this site and find things you can moan and whine and nitpick about?

  7. Peter Entwisle

    Yes I browse this site.

    I think legal and moral rights are important.

    Perhaps you don’t.

    Please enlighten me.

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