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Stadiums within budget

It has been suggested by those opposed to the development of the new Carisbrook stadium, that it is more likely indeed probable that the stadium will run over cost, and significantly too. At the StS public meeting the other night figures of anywhere up to $200m cost over-runs were suggested, taking the cost close to $400m. I have been told that the stadia landscape is littered with stadiums which did not come within budget.

Assuming that not every stadium in the world came in over budget (or outside of the accounted for over-runs), I decided to investigate. Leaving aesthetic sensibilities aside (new American Ball Parks are amusement parks), this is what I discovered.

The Great American Ball Park. Home of the Cincinnati Reds Baseball team.
Architects, none other than the very same HOK sport whom are the Carisbrook Archiects.
Constructed, 2000-2003
Capacity 42,000
Cost, $290m USD
Budget, YES

Lucas Oil Stadium. Home of the Indianapolis Colts American Football Team.
Architects, HKS, Inc.
Constructed. Nearing completion (2008 )
Capacity. Max 70,000 (indoor)
Cost $750m USD
Budget. According to latest reports (July 16, 2008), within budget.

Emirates Stadium, London. Home of Arsenal Football Team
Architects. Again HOK Sport (our architects)
Cost. $430 million pounds stirling.
Capacity, 60,000
Budget. Yes

Yes, there are stadiums, convention centres and other civic construction projects which have blown their budgets, but my point here is that not all do (as claimed), and it is quite possible to see which do come within budget. Even more reassuring is that HOK Sports are behind 2 of the first 3 new modern stadiums which are within budget.

I will add to this list when I find more that are worth a look.


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