Meanwhile my beloved Everton…

Is going through a very similar process of stadium development. It runs deeper though, in that the proposed development will see Everton Football Club relocate out of Liverpool to the small town of Kirkby on the outskirts of the city.


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4 responses to “Meanwhile my beloved Everton…

  1. Peter Bradshaw

    Liverpool and Kirby are parts of one densely populated urban conglomerate called Merseyside. Merseyside is one fifth the size of Dunedin metropolitan area and contains almost 12 times as many people (pop: 1,400,000). To those like myself who have lived in Merseyside, the image presented of the “small town of Kirkby on the outskirts of the city” is misleading nonsense. I am not entirely sure what point the writer intends to make, but in my view, it would be mischievous to suggest that there can be any useful relationship between the relocation of the Everton football stadium and the proposed Dunedin project.

  2. Peter,

    thanks for dropping by.

    Could I suggest you sod off if you are going to be so sardonic. First of all the geographical territory of Dunedin is an anomaly as we all know (the result of local body amalgamations), there are few and far cities in the world with a geographical boundary of some 3,300km sq.

    The conglomerate of the greater metropolitan area know as give a shit, are allowed a light hearted moment from time to time, to lament the loss of my team to another town (and yes it is another town, or do we call Mosgiel Dunedin too now) I have been to Goodison on occasion and am lamenting the loss of one of the greatest football arenas in the world (the history of Goodison is far greater than most assume), to an area that isn’t Everton – it’s freaking Kirkby. It’s closer to St Helens (that bastion of Rugby League) than it is to Everton.

    The writer of this blog, is an intensely passionate pro stadium person, with equally passionate feelings about the team which resides within that conglomerate (to the rest of the world known as Liverpool or more precisely across Stanley park from Liverpool FC) in the suburb of EVERTON. I get up in the middle of the night to sit at my kitchen table to listen to internet radio broadcasts of Everton games if they aren’t on the TV.

    If one had taken the time to go back over some of the posts (not the recent sparing with Peter E), one would have noticed that the original intention for said blog was to have a greater discussion about stadia development globally and how this can inform us about our developments here. Could I suggest that (albeit mischievously) if we were to stick a freaking great Mitre 10 mega or New World in the basement of the new stadium we’d all suddenly be in favour of the thing (equivalent of the new Goodison plans with Tesco).

    No, I was not suggesting that there was suggestion of a relationship between the two developments except for the fact that the are both sports stadiums, they are both still in the planning stage, they are both highly contentious, they both have supporters and passionate fans, along with the detractors and passionate fans, they are both expensive, both involve relocation and they are both about teams that I love and care about.

    Nah apart from that, there’s sod all we can learn from this.

    Some facts that you seemed keen to brush over.

    The new development will in fact be operated by Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley with a population of some 150,000 people, in the town of Kirkby some 42,000 people (not operated by Merseyside pop 1.4m).

    Some other facts that seemingly we are being a little shy on here. The conglomerate of Merseyside actually includes the district of St Helens. Now I’m not really sure where you lived in that part of the world, but calling someone from St Helens a Merseysider would be akin to calling someone from Sunderland a Newcastle Geordie. While it’s common from folk in Oldham, Manchester, Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan, Preston and Bury to identify as being from Lancashire, it’s not common for folk from St Helens to be called Mersysiders in the coloquial sense of the word. Just as it’s not common in Waitati, Waikouaiti, Karitane, Seacliff, Warrington, Taieri Mouth, Outram, Mosgiel, West Taieri, Waipori, Middlemarch and Hyde to call themselves Dunedinites, even though correctly they are.

    It’s a pro stadium blog which from time to time is going to look at other stadium developments (some light-hearted). I’ll be using these to inform us in our situation, because if you believe for one minute that we can’t learn even one thing from the hundreds of developments happening around the world at the moment (for instance to pre order steel at good prices, or where to situate the loos), then you are mistaken. It’s the human condition to learn, and if we can learn from others, then that is a good thing.

    But in this case, I was talking quickly ON MY BLOG, about MY TEAM and THEIR new stadium, sorry if offended so. There was nothing mischievous about the post, because, surprise surprise, from the stats and emails I’m getting, there are a lot of people visiting this blog and some even support the new stadium, and some wanted information on other developments. So at 3am on a cold Wednesday morning, I’d just finished some work and wanted to post a light hearted quick piece about my Fav team and their plans – just for light reading from others.

    Imagine that, someone having fun. Something that is increasingly evidently removed from anti-stadium folks psyche.

  3. Peter Entwisle

    But a stadium in Kirby, even though the local authority has only a population of 150,000, has a nearby surrounding population of 1.4m to provide it with potential audiences. Dunedin hasn’t. The most contentious issues about the proposed Awatea Street stadium are its cost and its likely level of usage. The different populations of Merseyside and greater Dunedin mean comparisons for the latter question are worse than useless.

    It’s great to be passionate about the things you are, and we know you’re passionate about the proposed new stadium. But to persuade your fellow citizens to put their money into your passionate project you need to come up with some counter arguments to their reasonable objections about its viability which aren’t just calls to faith or abuse for not sharing your dreams.

  4. Sorry Peter,

    the wonderful thing about being in a democracy is that your rights do not supersede mine. You may have the right to pimp for support on the streets, that right does not mean that, if I have not engaged you, and am walking away, that I have the right to be continually accosted.

    Further if you think it is good form for 2 and 5 year olds to think that their Dad has done something wrong, because the tone and volume of the Anti-Stadium person was that of an angry person, you are sorely mistaken. IF I was alone and IF I was engaging that person, then yes democratically we were engaging in debate (which is healthy). But frothing and yelling at me is a denial of my rights to walk down the street in peace.

    I couldn’t care less if she was telling me the secret of life, or if she was pro stadium, I did not want someone yelling at me in the streets.

    Further if this is how you think you are going to garner support, as I have pointed out, the people that were around me at the time, all thought your person was a ‘cow’ their words not mine.

    Peter(s), yes I know it’s not a good example to draw conclusions about the Everton and Dunedin stadiums, I wanted to include the Kirkby example, because as stated this is MY blog, initially about MY passion – sports stadiums, and for once I had a local example I could talk about. I deliberately left the personal alone, for the exact reason of not wanting to engage anyone or cause offence personally.

    As per the previous post about being accosted on the street, I deliberately didn’t want to get engaged in these debates, because to be frank, Sod Off, in terms of the passionate language used in the blogosphere is rather restrained, and being of a colourful tongue myself, I am doing my best to be restrained.

    If the debate doesn’t swing back to the stadium, I will simply get;

    a) too colourful or
    b) turn off comments

    neither of which I wish to do.

    While I have posted about Everton, and aside from some of the economic imperatives which mean these offer little in comparison, it is still a new stadium development and once again its about MY favourite team in the world, so sorry for the indulgence once in a while. I’ll also be posting about the Vancouver Whitecaps development and other examples of my choice. Despite the seemingly petty objections of Peter B, they offer us insights into stadium development, albeit from possibly something as simple as how many car parks they should consider, or where to put the toilets. Because as you all know, I live by the mantra that we are human and thus have the ability to learn, even if it is the smallest things.

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