ORC backs Stadium Funding.

In Breaking News (well if you are reading this post on 11 June 2008), the Otago Regional Council (one of the major funding sources for the project) has decided to back the funding proposal.

Showing the power of the local newspaper online to provide local news when it happens (with reference to the re-launched Otago Daily Times Online site), the announcement this afternoon surprised and astounded me. Considering the seemingly overwhelming negative attitude to the public funding of the stadium, and the very vocal and visual campaign they ran, the result is quite courageous. However there was anecdotal evidence that there was a huge support base for the proposed stadium, however for whatever reason they didn’t attend hearings run by the ORC. 177 of the 234 of the submissions were against the funding. However since these figures were released, the ORC have said that they received 200 emails in support of the stadium.

There is documented evidence to suggest that groups opposed to major public funding of contentious projects are more vocal, however as the literature on this is heavily reliant on American events, I wasn’t sure if this was applicable to NZ. It’s also very easy for the ‘anti’ lobby groups to receive media attention, as a negative story is always a good story.

I’ll update this when more information comes to light.

Well done ORC.

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