further to initial thoughts

Hey all,

if you remember some of my initial concerns were that although we are a smallish backwater at the very bottom of the world (it’s almost true don’t be defensive), the $180m +/- for this project isn’t small internationally, thus we should be able to attact the attention of some of the greats of architecture and design.

In discussion with some close to this project, the idea of a design competition was mooted although shelved. Although a fan of international design competitions (for bringing out some fantastical ideas), they certainly can be a hinderance and diversion for the task at hand. I never thought it would be a be all or end all of the stadium design. Perhaps I was just a little excited at the prospect of Norm Foster et al having a sqiggle or two on paper for little old Dunedin.

I also have no doubt that the Stadium Trust sought interest from all over the country, and there is no denying the pedigry of HOK Sport internationally and nationally.

I’m sure when construction comes around, local firms will be doing their damdest to get some of the money flowing locally, as the skill and expertise of local engineers, construction firms etc is exceptional and will provide much to this project. If we have any doubts, the new Milton maximum security prision is a prime example of local firms doing a stunning job.

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