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Further initial thoughts, HOK Sports Architects

One of the main things that has bothered me about this whole process is, with such a large amount of money going into this project, why isn’t this being thrown open to an international design competition.

Internationally this isn’t small change, and the alure and qudos of such a project in NZ would attract many a great local and international architect, god knows we’ve all scribbled on a napkin at some stage and called it a house.

This isn’t some backwater knock-up, this is a big-time soon to be world class construction project, and for HOK to be driving this thing just seems too dammed limiting. One could only imagine what Warren and Mahoney, Lord Foster or even our very own Mason and Wales would have come up with it the oportunity arose.

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A call to design arms!

Hi All,

this is of course the obligatory first post. Nothing to say at this stage which wasn’t said in the email 5 mins ago, but as they say in racing parlance “we’re off…”

To find out more, of course go to the about page.

This is a forum for ideas, not a personal web site and of course the ideas and words expressed on this blog may not necessarily be those of me, the university or even the city of Dunedin, but they need to be heard.

If it gets nasty, it’s gone, so lets keep it clean and pens to the ready. We want ideas!

I will be open to people requesting to be able to post (at this stage you will need to ask first), but this isn’t about me in any way shape of form, it’s about us, so comment away.

Final word. The image of the Beijing Olympic Stadium is not a design preference for Stadium Dunedin, I just like it – OK.


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